Flip Your Phone

From a House on a Hill

The Problem:

So much of our world has migrated online due to the pandemic. Brands know their online presence is more important than ever before when it comes to accelerating their brand awareness and driving sales. Choose a brand and show how it would exist in an online-only world.

The Solution:

A virtual shop where people can interact, spend some time and buy clothes.
My chosen brand, Stay Creative (SCRT). An online-first clothing shop that releases capsule collections in collaboration with international creatives.


The virtual shop’s main objective is to allow people to have fun whilst shopping for clothes from their house. Just like they did before COVID-19, shopping with their friends or people around them. All of this enabled by web-cam and microphone feed.

The centre section has some attractions to initiate conversation and entertain people, like the DJ booth. In the first floor’s outer ring there’s the entire SCRT catalogue, and upstairs there’s and exhibition with the work of many creatives that have worked with SCRT before.