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Alice In The Matrix

The Brief:

Rachel Payne is a 2021 Fashion Design graduate. She came to me looking for visuals for her collection. The clothes are heavly inspired by the Matrix, made of faux leather and with green highlights. At the same time, they have Alice In The Wonderland hints all around with rabbits and other symbology embroidered into the clothes. Therefore, she decided to name the collection “Alice In The Matrix”.

The Result:

Together with another collaborator (Jethro Nepomuceno), we decided to make a audiovisual lookbook, acompanied by other elements such as photography, instagram content and AR filters. These all are heavly inspired by a mixture of elements and references from Alice In The Wonderland and Matrix.


Behind The Scenes

Animated Stickers

Instagram Content

Instagram Filters

Try it here:

Try it here: