Flip Your Phone


The Problem

We live in world where fake news and deception is commonplace, creating dissonance among the people. But we are ones at fault here, we the people take these lies at face value and look no further towards the root cause. We would rather live in ignorance than face reality as it is. Institutions, corporations, and religions all use these sly tactics to get in our brains just to fund their agendas and yet we are none the wiser. We cannot see past the dishonesty because we cannot be honest to ourselves. This begs the question; would you continue to live in ignorance or rise above it. It is time to wake up.

The Solution

We created a satirical company that commodifies the Afterlife into a neat little package. We give them the answers that they desire but twist the truth, so they become overly cautious of everything they do. Our product gives you an arbitrary score based on the actions you have taken during your day. Those points are tallied into your total which needs to reach a certain threshold just to get to the afterlife. We now become the authorities of death; we are the ones that decide where you go in the afterlife. Absurd right? It is our duty to step back from all the lies being sold to us to realise how absurd it truly is. It takes something crazy to change that.